• Working Hard for a Better City

    Hard work pays off… Every day I make sure that my hard work pays off for the citizens of Baltimore City. I believe in results and in my experience the best results comes from a hard day’s work!

  • A Champion for Nutrition

    In partnership with other members of the Howard Park Civic Association, we were able to make the access to fresh fruit and vegetables a reality for the residents of the Howard Park area. With the construction of a Shop Rite, residents will no longer have to travel halfway across the city to do their grocery shopping.

  • Teamwork makes the dream work!

    Over the years, I have found that forming coalitions with the local leaders and elected officials is the most effective way of assuring that the needs of the community are met. I have and will continue to build strong working relationships with leaders of all levels, this is what allows me to be an effective leader for the Mighty 41st Legislative District.

  • Sisters for a Brighter Future

    We share a bloodline, we share a work ethic, and we share a vision for a brighter future for the children of Baltimore city. Together we are sisters fighting for safer streets, better schools, and a stronger healthier community – through increased employment opportunities and housing initiatives. We want to make Baltimore a better city for current and future families.

  • An Advocate for the Disadvantaged

    I want to take my 15 years of providing relief to the sheltered and homeless population, and turn it into a future of empowering community organizations and programs that fight homelessness and bring opportunity to the disadvantaged.


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Joyce J. Smith for Delegate of the 41st Legislative District

In recent years with the remark of citizens and leaders, I feel compelled to strive for a larger role and more responsibility for helping the community. I have been inspired to work with the legislative process in a greater capacity. Therefore I am running for the office of Maryland State Delegate of the 41st Legislative District. I ask for your support because I know that as a Delegate, I can give the citizens the commitment, communication, and engagement that they feel is missing.    Read More


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